Planning permission was finally obtained in December 2016 for Clare’s Cottage to be rebuilt. In February 2017 , we started the task of emptying the building.

In April , after ensuring an outside electricity supply and water was available, the demolition work could finally begin by firstly removing the panels. John Pepper kindly knocked down all the buildings and we were left with a substantially large pile of wood. After offering wood to anyone who wanted it, it took 4 separate days to burn the wood with the help of our fantastic neighbours,  Shirley, Nathan Bland and John Pepper. Don also gave a hand. Other neighbours who helped were Cameron and Joanne Bland. Don and John Pepper did all the heavy work. I took photos of this and Don produced a small photo clip with John Pepper picking up massive big pieces of wood and throwing them on the fire.

After this , with the help of Don and Dave Francis , we tidied up the site as much as possible.

What was left was the slate base of the structure, which was too strong to be knocked down by John’s digger.

In June, the groundworks began and have taken photos at most stages. Don has also produced some interesting photos.




Photos of the rebuild