Blog 11th October 2017

Was intending to go to the site to meet the builder, the architect and the windows supplier. I also wanted to see for myself the progress on the site.
To date, half the slate roofing has been done and some of the windows on the first floor have been fitted.
Last night there was a yellow weather warning for the cottage and Shirley (next door neighbour at Stonecroft) phoned me to tell me about the weather.
This morning Shirley phoned me again to tell me how bad the rain was. With this in mind and the fact that there were 2 incidents on the M6 I decided not to go.
I had emailed the architect (who is based in Ambleside) to inform him that I wasn’t going because of the M6 and suggested that he check the weather before he leaves.
Just as he was about to leave he did check the weather only to discover that the Borrowdale Road was shut. Apparently the builder had got to the old cottage via Buttermere and Honister. Honister Pass is now also closed. Janice

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